Leadership Training

2019 - 2020 Leader Syncs

9/15/19 “Communing with God through Meditation” Video

2018 - 2019 Leader Syncs

9/16/18 “Caring Community” Video and Agenda

10/21/18 “From Superficial to Vulnerable” Video and Agenda

12/9/18 “Knowing your People Well” Video and Agenda

1/20/19 “Loving your People Well with the Truth” Video and Agenda

3/10/19 “The Local Church: the Place for Care” Video and Agenda

5/19/19 “Mentoring and Multiplication” Video and Agenda

2017 - 2018 Leader Syncs

9/24/17 “Truth and Care” Video and Agenda

10/29/17 “Discipleship and Care” Video and Agenda

12/10/17 “Authentic Relationships” Video and Agenda

1/28/18 “Healthy Conflict” Video and Agenda

3/4/18 “How to Care for Others in the Midst of Suffering” Video and Agenda

4/15/18 “The Connection Challenge: Openness vs. Intimacy” Video and Agenda

5/20/18 “Serving as Groups” Video and Agenda

2016 - 2017 Leader Syncs

8/27/16 “Where is God leading Four Oaks?” Agenda

11/15/16 “Leading In Weakness” Audio and Agenda

1/29/17 “Kept Campaign” Audio and Agenda

4/27/17 “Serving in Groups” Agenda

2015 - 2016 Leader Syncs

4/28/16 “Multiplication in Groups”

1/25/16 “Care in groups”

11/9/15 “Mission in Groups”

8/31/15 “Passing the Gospel Torch”

Re-Boot Leadership Seminar

Session 1 “Created and Redeemed for Community” Video

Session 2 “Care in Community” Video

Session 3 “Discipleship in Community” Video

Session 4 “Mission in Community” Video

Session 5 “From Fellowship to Community” Video

“Women in Community Group Ministry” Video

Redemption Group Training

Intro - “God’s Story” Video

Chapter 2 - “When you suffer, God is near” Video

Chapter 3 - “Hope that Hurts: Bricks without Straw. How long, O Lord?” Video

Chapter 4 - “Passover: At your worst, God gives His Best.” Video

Chapter 5 - “Crossing the Red Sea: Into a Life free from Shame.” Video

Chapter 6 - “Demanding Manna: The Subtle Significance of Everyday Desires” Video

Chapter 7 - “The Golden Calf: Volunteering for Slavery” Video

Chapter 8 - “The Covenant Keeping God: Our Only Hope for Lasting Change” Video

Chapter 9 - “Is God your Promised Land?” Video

Counseling Training

This training can be applied in a number of different contexts.

“Discipleship in Community” - Video

“Counseling in Community” - Video