Four Oaks provides original study guides to accompany each sermon series. These guides provide the foundational study material for our small group ministry called “Community Groups.” Study guides are free and are meant to be used for group discussion, personal study, and for sermon notes.

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Believe: The Gospel of John

He was the light rejected by men, the only begotten of the Father, abandoned by his family, a prophet with no honor, a man of great sorrow, and the very Word of God. As John walks with Jesus, through the eyes of Scripture, we walk with him as fellow travelers, sojourners, and exiles. We, like the woman at the well, like Nicodemus, and like Peter, are witnesses to his glory.

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In the spring of 2017, we will celebrated 27 years together as a church family. During these almost three decades together, God has continued to astonish us with His grace and faithfulness. God has kept us so we can do more than simply settle or survive; we believe we have been kept for a cause. We want to consider together how we might embrace that cause. How we might maximize our influence for the gospel in Tallahassee and throughout North Florida. To think of what it could mean for us to be an agent of lasting change in our city, leveraging the resources He has entrusted to us to achieve maximum kingdom impact. By incomprehensible, unfathomable grace, we have been kept by God. Kept to gather, kept to give, and kept to scatter.

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Daniel: Hope in Exile

Despite our toil with pain, suffering, darkness - all those manifestations of sin that tempt us to believe God has abandoned us, because of Jesus we have the promise of God’s unfailing presence and mercy. He will never leave or forsake his people because they are a people purchased for God by the work of Jesus. It is with this promise that God’s people find hope in a hostile world.