Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups are an intense, 8-week small group designed to help you grow in your relationship with God through gospel community as we listen to one another’s stories and speak the truth in love. Each week, we walk through a book called Redemption by Mike Wilkerson and follow the story of God’s rescue of Israel and then apply that gospel story to our own lives. So, whether it’s dealing with spiritual apathy, enduring suffering, fighting against patterns of sin or addiction, or struggling in relationships, all are welcome to hear the grace, love, and faithfulness of God that leads to healing, freedom, joy, and hope.


We have a launch weekend every fall & spring and then meet on Monday nights, alternating between large-group teaching & testimony time and then gender-based small group discussion (max of 5 participants per group) led by 2 trained, qualified leaders. Contact Pastor Scott or Karen Butler for more information or click here to participate.

“I believe anyone can benefit from Redemption Groups. Can’t we all relate to the Israelites in the Exodus story? Don’t we all desire to be free from something? And don’t we all need to be reminded that the love of Jesus has the power to do that?” – Emily Kitchens

“Redemption Groups create a safe environment where you can tell what’s really going on in your life. Because the groups are confidential, you can really explore the stuff inside your heart that drives you, the places where you live in your head but you never tell others. I love redemption groups.” – John Stewart

“Redemption Groups have given me freedom from my past that only the power of Christ can give and the ability to rest in the knowledge that He controls my future.” – Karen Butler

“I love redemption groups because the Lord brings us much deeper than the surface issues we normally focus on. He gives us the courage to explore the underlying lies and idols that affect our hearts and relationships. Even though it is hard, I am beyond grateful to know I will never be the same person I was before Redemption.” – Erin Petscher

“Redemption groups provide a safe authentic community to be known and loved while pressing through the trials of life. Seeing how your story has meaning in the context of God’s greater story brings hope. For me, God’s tender mercies revealed my personal struggle with the fear of man and desire for approval. Through confession, forgiveness and facing this fear with my Lord and others, he re-clothed me with his love.” – Terry Dudley

"I love that Redemption Groups give people a safe place to be honest about their sins, struggles, fears, shame, and more. Even better, I really love the fact that Redemption Groups point people to Christ as the only solution for all of the above." – Shane Little

“Hearing the word of God and testimonies of other people showed me that I am not alone in my struggle, and on this journey, God is with me and showing me how to overcome. I was asked by the leader, ‘What would it look like if you laid down your burden before the Lord?’ God revealed to me as I laid my burden down that there would be peace and joy.” – JoAnn Smidley

"God used the Redemption Group process to really connect my head with my heart. Reading through the book, the corresponding sections in the Bible, and talking through the chapters in our group, my image of God changed from one made from my own condemning self-assessment to one of love and provision because of what Jesus did for me on the cross." – Kevin French