End of Summer = Gearing Up For Reboot 2019


By Pastor Paul

Our annual pilgrimage towards the new school year is well underway, and playing off one of the themes of our summer series on the seven churches of Revelation, all I can say is, “Come quickly cooler weather, come quickly!”

There is also another annual tradition that is barreling down upon us, that of Hurricane Season. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always associated these two yearly rites of passage in a symbolic way. Just as hurricane-force winds can blow through our region leaving a massive swath of damages behind (remember Michael last October?), every new school year seems to metaphorically do the same thing to our lives. Early mornings, late nights, sporting events, travel, activities, new grades, new schools, and much more all conspire to make us feel like a Cat 5 has just blown through our lives. No wonder we start yearning for the Christmas Break in early September!

One of things we do every year at Four Oaks Killearn to help prepare us for this tumultuous season is something we call “Reboot.” Just like your computer needs to be periodically shut down and restarted to maximize its performance, our spiritual lives also need to be recalibrated as we jump into the franticness of the fall season. To that end, we will be gathering as a church family from 6:00 – 8:00pm on three successive Wednesday nights: August 21, August 28, and September 4. We will eat and feast together before breaking off into adult, student, and children’s activities.

The theme of this year’s version of Reboot is “Rooted.” In as much as our physical homes need to be prepped and ready for the coming Hurricane season, our spiritual lives need to be rooted and anchored in Jesus Christ for us to successfully navigate the winds of the new school year. For the adults, we are going to be offering 4 different tracks that you can choose from, with each playing off of the “Rooted” theme:

  • Rooted in the Word: Why We Believe, Receive, and Trust the Bible

  • Rooted in Christ in our Parenting

  • Rooted in Marriage: Re|Engage (marriage enrichment)

  • Rooted in the Gospel in Worship

We are asking that everyone go ahead and begin registering online to let us know that you are coming, which class you intend on taking, and how many kids from your family that will be attending. When registering, you can also read a fuller description of what each class is offering and get a sneak peek of the dinner menus for our three meals together. First up: the good, old-fashioned, church-wide potluck! (Hint: bring a hearty dish to share)

Debbie Tanis